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Code Geass : Mutuality Cosplay Photoshoot
I want to share our work with you ;D

Code Geass Mutuality Shoot

Photos by mistlel
Costume by Aka

CG : We rise or fall by =AkatsukiNoShin on deviantART

CG : While I'm ailve by =AkatsukiNoShin on deviantART

CG: To be a Truth by =mistlel on deviantART

CG : I can't survive alone. by =AkatsukiNoShin on deviantART

CG : Save your tears by =AkatsukiNoShin on deviantART

CG : Stand or Die by =AkatsukiNoShin on deviantART

CG : We do not forget by =AkatsukiNoShin on deviantART

I hope you like it ;D

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Wow this is breathtakingly beautiful, especially the robe! Great job! :D

I loved hoe the cosplay is beautifully made and detailed, in photo 2,4&5 it looks very impressive and fabulous, C.C looks gorgeous with lulu in photo 4,very romantic scene~ both looks just perfect! I liked the background of photo4!! what a fantastic classic scenery!! I wanna go that place! good job!!

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I saw these over at DA a while back and I'm amaze!
Everything is stunning! amazing job :)

That cape is EPIC. I don't recognize it - is it based on an artbook illustration?

Hope C.C. didn't get too cold. ;)

Gorgeous! Wow, I LOVE the chains! Love the puppet effect they have in the first shot.

OMG the work on the cape is gorgeous and your talent for perfecting the shots. This is practically fic material!

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